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Map started
Fri Apr 23 23:02:00 2021
Player NameScoreK/D (Assist)#


Server RulesThis are the rules on Cirkus TDM HC High XP

  1. No vulgar or racist player names, including player names containing swear words.
  2. No use of racist taunts or anti-faith remarks.
  3. No Skins, any skin
  4. No foul language, swearing or cussing, inc. abbreviated swear words.
  5. No obnoxious or disruptive behavior, bragging or saying things to belittle other players, including arguing in chat.
  6. No hacking/glitching or behaving in a way as to disrupt the natural flow of the Game.
  7. No team switching to get on the winning team
  8. No camp (camp is allowed only with sniper)

Failure to comply with the above Rules will result in you being Kicked or Banned from the Server

1Killer21801830 0.97
2Merey726577 1.26
3dagestan724646 1.12
4bangyall719681 1.06
5motu685365 1.88
6Nurlando515490 1.05
7Chefkoch481138 3.49
8maikuduk389316 1.23
9Hurtz359164 2.19
10Nix341554 0.62
11O1329600 0.55
12Mr_pinK330138 2.39
13OMRANL332190 1.75
14Judinsin290100 2.9
15AlexRecluta267149 1.79
16DagestanAzim253397 0.64
17Rambo255223 1.14
18suv249290 0.86
19Xentor91246129 1.91
20Punchliner232253 0.92
21NoMadox216127 1.7
22Frka215159 1.35
23DadOfDeath214148 1.45
24Kloibi205175 1.17
25fanisanastaso205124 1.65
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